What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication or RSS is a way for websites to share their current news or headlines via a frequently updated xml file. You can think of the RSS feed as a dynamic bookmark because once you are subscribed to the feed, you basically have bookmarked the web site that will display the dynamic links[…]

Search Engine, What’s That?

Major search engines include; Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alta Vista. Search engines are more than the place you turn to for information or nearby restaurants. Search engines compete to provide you with the best and most relevant content. They gather data, store data, stave off spammers from manipulating data and so much more. Search engine[…]

5 Steps To Starting an Effective Real Estate Blog

Blogging will help you build your real estate business when done right and most other businesses for that matter. These 5 Tips will help the entry level blogger to the expert blogger learn how to blog with purpose.  This post is for beginning and advanced bloggers.  If you are a beginner, however, please follow the[…]