Google Flights Dashboard

Is Google’s Taking Over Travel or Helping Consumers?

Is Google strategically taking over travel and shopping by monopolizing technologies formally utilized by their customers? Is Expedia in essence doing the same thing by bidding on “British Airways” which is considered their customer? On July 12, 2016 Google Adwords announced a passel of updates to their Shopping/Product Listing Ads and Hotel/Travel search results. Hotel[…]

Twitter For Realtors

The Twitter Guide for Realtors is designed to help you tweet your way to the top and can be applied to any business model. When you learned how to Twitter you may have thought to yourself “this is a great way to promote my listings.” Please lose this mentality now. Tweeting is for keeping in[…]

Social Bookmarking vs’ Social Networking

Social Media consists of social networking and social bookmarking. A social network is made up of individuals (or organizations) called “nodes,” which are connected by friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, beliefs, relationships etc. Internet social networks include; Myspace, Facebook, Plaxo, Bebo, LinkedIn and Twitter. Myspace, Plaxo, and Bebo are now populated with age[…]